Banking, Accounting & Finance (BAF)

Career Opportunities

Edexcel’s BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business, Accounting & Finance (HND-BAF) equips you for careers in business, Accounting & Finance as well as the opportunity to ‘top up’ to the BA (Honours) Degree Program in the leading universities of UK, USA & Australia.

Course Structure

HND Business, Accounting & Finance (BAF) is offered as a full time course of 2 Years duration comprising of Four Semesters having 4 units in each semester. Regular classes will be offered five days per week having 3 hours lecturing each day. Students may opt for Morning / Evening Session **.

Unmatched Benefits:

HEC Recognition: HND is Equivalent to 2 Years Bachelor’s Degree.
Dual Degree Advantage: Continue Your Existing Professional Accounting Qualification ACCA, ICAP, CIMA etc and get Dual Degree of HND-BAF.
Exemptions from ACCA: Get Exemptions from ACCA after HND.
Study Abroad: upto 100% Credit Hr Transfer facility to Foreign University.
Direct Entry: into Final Year of Hons Degree in UK, Australian University.
Progression Route: After completing HND, students can further their career in the field of Business, Accounting or in Finance.