Digital Creative Design & Multimedia

Who Should Attend?

Any person having knowledge of Picture Effects / Audio & Video Editing and a little bit knowledge about Multimedia Editing is eligible for this course.

Course Benefits

After successful completion of this course you would be able to create your picture moving effects, title for Movie and editing for dramas & Films.

Course Contents

  • Adobe Premier Pro CC
  • Ulead Media Studio 6.5 (Director Cut)
  • Ulead Media Studio 7
  • Ulead Photo Impact

Audio / Video Editing

This course has been designed to give a bird’s eye view of fundamentals of Video/Audio technology, photography and Editing Powers.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone having interest in audio/video editing should join this course.

Course Benefits (The students will learn)

  • Basis of Audio / Video & Photography.
  • Film Editing Process.
  • Use of software/hardware to capture and Edit Audio / Video.
  • Video Editing Students will find job.
  • Video Editors & Mixers.
  • Working with Photographs.
  • Audio Editing and Mixing.
  • Media Production.
  • Multimedia Production etc.
  • Multimedia Editing.
  • Fundamentals of Film Making
  • Video and Audio Technology.
  • Hardware for Film Capture.
  • Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premier Course Contents

  • Introduction of Premiere CC
  • Starting a Project (Start Screen)
  • Editing Tools and Layouts
  • Organizing Media & Selecting Shots
  • Basic editing & Refine Editing
  • Basic Effects and Titles
  • Clipping shots & Setting up a Sequence
  • Titles in Premiere Pro
  • Exporting your project

After Effects Course Contents

  • Introduction to after effects
  • Animation basics & text
  • Working with masks
  • Parenting & basic expressions
  • Basic compositing
  • Stabilizing & tracking
  • Particles & paint
  • Shape layers & the puppet tools
  • Rendering & Exporting