Registration & Admission Procedure

Admission can be taken by submitting the admission form and paying the listed fee for each course. The Admission Committee will assess the application of each applicant and will allow to take the requested course(s) subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Admission / Registration can be done through following ways:

Download the admission form, in .MS Word or PDF format, from the website and send the duly filled Form to the Head Office of NICON along with a bank draft/pay order or cross cheque in the name of “NICON Training Institute” alternatively
You can also pay fee online or through credit/debit card.
Submit Online Admission Form available at the website
Visit your nearest branch of NICON and our representative will assist your through the process.
Note: Registration should be done at least two weeks in advance from the date of commencement of course.

  1. Complete Application form
  2. Two Recent Photographs
  3. Two sets of Educational Qualifications
  4. Two Copies of CNIC – National ID Card
  5. Work Experience Certificates (if any)
  6. Bank Draft / Pay Order or cross cheque in favour of “NICON Training Institute”. Write your name and course at the back of Bank Draft / Pay order or cheque.