Rules & Regulations

  • After registering with “NICON UAE”, the learner are bound to abide by all of the rules and regulations issued/prescribed by the subject institution (and NICON Group of Colleges) from time to time with regards to academic, administration, general and fees etc.
  • Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable to any other learner under any circumstances.
  • Learners can register in multiple disciplines/courses at a time subject to prior approval of the admission and academic committees. The institution reserves the right to amend the admission/academic procedures, syllabus, courses/disciplines, rules and regulations and fee structure without any prior notice.
  • The learner of “NICON”, their all family members and other concerned personnel will accept the decision of Chairman of “NICON” as final and will not be challenged in any court of law.

Note: Rules & Regulations mentioned above are in addition to the Rules & Regulations mentioned on the official website of NICON Training Institute (