GTS is a unique competency and knowledge based assessment system to facilitate individuals and organizations for personal/professional growth. GTS provides an excellent opportunity for individual learners as well as organizations to take the tests frequently in order to examine their pre/post-training developments by comparing results and evaluating the performance track record of learners and trainers. The R & D department of GTS continuously keep searching for more innovative ideas to make learning more effective and efficient.

  • A gateway to success.
  • A great way to accomplishment.
  • GTS is backed by highly qualified, experienced, trained and competent faculty members supervised by foreign qualified staff members.
  • GTS is a learning organisation and adaptive to innovation and change.
  • GTS evaluates and compares Pre-training and Post-training results to identify personal and professional learning curve and growth patterns.
  • GTS facilitates individuals in opening more doors for admission, better job opportunities, and self-employment.
  • GTS provides opportunities to learners for better learning at their own pace and in their own time.
  • GTS offers highly flexible learning and testing opportunities.